Maria Nordin

I am co owner and one of the organizers of Social Connections – the IBM Collaboration User Group. We organize network and learning events all around the world. I am also Product Owner of DomainPatrol Social – a great administration tool for IBM Connections, which makes the most out of your platform. One of my greatest passions is collaboration and bringing people together in various situations. I truly believe that we are stronger together and can achieve higher goals and better results if we work more out loud and closer to one another. Closer doesn’t necessarily mean geographically. That’s where the extra sweet sprinkle is added. By using various collaboration tools, teams and companies can overcome distances both geographically and in culture. To work out load is to learn about your co workers. About their skills, experiences and strengths. In the same way they learn about you. And to use tools that are intelligent and helps you make the most of all your assets.

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